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Homeward bound

Okay, I am finally ready to announce my huge, huge news. In approximately three weeks I will be moving to New Hampshire! Yes, I am moving home to New England after spending the past eight years in Indiana. I can’t believe I’m doing this; I have a new job lined up, of course, and I […]

November is kicking my ass.

How is this month almost over already? Seriously? Thanksgiving is THIS coming Thursday? Christmas is a month away? Wow. I have been totally and utterly busy this entire month, with NaNoWriMo, being sick, and being stressed. I put in almost 12 hours of work each day this past week except for Monday when I was […]

And I’m off!

After a hectic, hectic two+ weeks at work where I think I’ve spent more time in the office than at my house, I’m off to Florida! I’ll be back on Friday for one day of work goodness, then Scott and I are off to Mackinac Island for Memorial Day weekend. I definitely need this time […]

Break = over!

Aaand, I’m back. Did you miss me? I took a break mainly because of one major thing; I started a new job! I’m now working as a web designer for a musical instrument retail company here in town. Notice I said ‘designer’. It’s been a change from what I had been doing for my old […]

Aubrey’s adventures in retail

So, I started my job at Michaels this past Monday; it’s been interesting so far trying to get back into ‘cashier mode’. I hadn’t been behind a register in over four years, so I wondered how I’d feel about it after all this time. On Monday I came in, learned how to check into my […]

Interview goodness

So, I went to the Michael’s interview yesterday, and it went pretty well. I talked to a woman about two positions currently open; a cashier position and an event coordinator position. The event coordinator position sounds interesting; I’d be managing when all the classes would be scheduled and would have at least 20 hours of […]

Job interview

I got a call a few hours ago from Michaels asking me to come in for an interview on Wednesday morning for a part time position. Finally, a chance at being partially employed again! I’m hoping to work this and pick up web jobs on the side. The web job I’m currently working on has […]

Nerdy work humor

We have an internal chat program at work where all the consultants can chat; it’s mainly used for if a consultant is having an issue in a lab and wants help from the others, but sometimes it can also be pretty entertaining. Case in point, a conversation from sometime last fall: Coworker #1 – This […]

To work

I drive to work, watching the raindrops pool on my windshield before being whisked away by the wiperblades, a blurry grey world made clearer by the sweeping away of wetness. I feel warm, red heat shining in waves from either end of my car, making the interior that much brighter than the outside world. A […]

Slow-moving life

Life has been moving slowly this past week, as it always does during a break. I haven’t been doing anything of importance at all, in all honesty, and I like it that way. I start work again on Monday, and I start my second job on Tuesday. I’m excited to be making more money than […]