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Time’s still passing…

I’m not doing that great of a job keeping this site updated. Granted, I had a bit of a challenging week last week, and much of my writing took place via my offline paper journal instead of here. I also didn’t have much time to do the things I love, except for playing some World […]

A new beginning…

So, here I am, yet again, starting from scratch with a newish weblog. I’m going to focus a lot more on what I do in my spare time here; I’ve been a knitter for four years this month, I occasionally dabble in scrapbooking, and I spend a lot of evenings playing World of Warcraft. We’ve […]

Level 20!

My name is Strelia, and I am badass. I’ve finally started taking screenshots in :wow:; I don’t have many besides the one shown here. Strelia’s up to level 20 now; as a druid, she gets different shapeshifting forms as she gains experience. At level 10 she recieved bear form, 16 sea lion form, and she […]

WoW, take one.

I think it’s a good sign when you can’t wait to play a game again after spending a few hours on it last night. That’s how I’ve felt all day today; I’m forcing myself not to play :wow: until Scott gets home tonight so I don’t get sucked into it! We came home from the […]

World of Warcraft

:scott: and I bought copies of :wow: today. We’ve been curious about the game and we want to give it a try. We’re installing now; I’m pretty excited to start a new game! Expect screenshots and the like to follow sometime soon.