Tea is delicious.

Here it is, December 16th and I’m still writing every day during the week here! I don’t think I’ve actually ever stuck with writing almost every day like I have so far this month. I’m excited! I’m not a fan of the next few days worth of questions because I feel like I’ve already answered them, but eh. Let’s talk about tea a little bit!

What is the most important step in your routine to start your day right?

Tea from a cafe near the art museum!

Tea from a cafe near the art museum!

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I start each morning with tea and a book. Taking the step to enjoy a cup of tea and relaxing before the workday really helps me get my day off to a good start.

I only started drinking tea every morning a couple years ago. I ordered a bunch of Christmas tea from Adagio Teas back in either 2011 or 2012, and after that, I got into the habit of drinking it in the mornings. I loved going to Dobra Tea in both Portland, ME and Burlington, VT on trips to those places.

A matcha latte from the same cafe near the art museum.

A matcha latte from the same cafe near the art museum.

My favorite tea to drink in the morning is Earl Grey, especially the Creme de la Earl Grey from Tea Chai Te. I also enjoy drinking puer teas and Japanese green teas, usually later in the day. Tea starts my day right, and I always look forward to sitting down with a warm cup in the mornings. It fills me with contentment and I’m focused and ready to start my day.

2 thoughts on “Tea is delicious.”

  1. I love that tea pot. Thanks for sharing, I want to get back to drinking tea for multiple reasons. I should write a post of my own about my introduction to tea, as it wasn’t until my 20’s that I ever had any.

    1. You should! I’d love to read about your introduction to tea. I didn’t really start drinking it consistently until after I moved to New Hampshire almost 7 years ago.

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