So, it’s snowing outside. I don’t mind the first snowfall of the season, which occurred sometime last week. After that, however, I start hating snow with the passion of a thousand burning suns, because I hate shoveling out my car and I hate driving in the snow. Unfortunately I need to go out this morning to run a few errands, and then tonight we’re going to begin our drive to southern Indiana for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

We’re planning on leaving South Bend as soon as Scott gets home tonight, and staying in a hotel in Columbus, IN for the night. (:lisanne:, I thought of you when we booked our hotel!) We’ll check out and drive the 45 minutes or so to Scott’s grandparents’ house for Thanksgiving lunch, then most likely visit his other set of grandparents later on that afternoon. We’ll then drive back up to South Bend on Thursday evening. It’s not much of a Thanksgiving break, but it’s enough for me. I’m thankful to at least be going somewhere and spending Thanksgiving with family.

Even though we’re having a tough time of it, I am thankful for many things in my life. For Scott, of course, for my family and friends, for having a job at the very least, for having a warm apartment. I’m thankful for my craftiness and my web design abilities, and I’m thankful for having enough food to eat. I’m thankful to have homes in two different states and for my two different families. I’m thankful for everything I have right now, in all honesty. We may not have much, but we have enough.