Thanksgiving 2005

Well, it’s Monday again, back to the old grind. (Which, for me, is spending my mornings and afternoons getting things done before going into work in the evenings. I really miss working days!) I’ve spent the morning straightening up the apartment so far; I have a lot more to clean before the place looks good again!

:scott: and I had a great Thanksgiving this year. I suppose this is our first married Thanksgiving, but this wasn’t the first time I spent the holiday with his family. If you recall, I spent my first Thanksgiving with Scott’s family in 2003! So I didn’t feel incredibly excited about this being our first ‘married’ Thanksgiving. As mushy as this sounds, we’ve felt like husband and wife probably since that first Thanksgiving in 2003 when we had only been dating 10 months!

Scott worked a full day on Wednesday, and after he got off work, we drove four hours down to Columbus to stay in a hotel overnight. Our hotel was nice and comfy; we picked up a six pack, watched some shows on Animal Planet, then went to sleep. We woke up early on Thursday morning, ate breakfast while watching the setup of the Thanksgiving Day Parade, then drove the hour and a half to Scott’s grandparents’ house.

I had a great time with his mother’s parents on Thanksgiving day. I had fun hanging around Scott’s aunt, uncle, and cousin, eating all the skin off of the fried turkey with them, diving for the chocolate bars Scott’s mom brought with her (“Aubrey’s our chocolate loving carnivore!”), and enjoying fried turkey for the first time. I do like the feeling of togetherness I feel when with his family; I’m very glad I get along with my inlaws and their families. Scott’s mom quilted us a beautiful blue and white tree skirt for our first tree; I’ve taken a few pictures of it but haven’t posted them just yet. She also gave us our annual Hallmark keepsake ornament, and also gave us a 2005 wedding ornament! I had fun looking over Black Friday ads and watching the dog show on TV, something they like to do every year at Scott’s grandparents’ house!

After lunch we drove over to Scott’s grandfather’s house and attempted to eat more food with Scott’s dad’s side of the family. Of course, me being stuffed from lunch ate nothing during dinner, but helped myself to a piece of strawberry cake. Yum. We spent a few hours at his grandfather’s house and then took off for South Bend at 6:30. We arrived home at around 11:30; of course, it started snowing as soon as we crossed into South Bend! We unloaded the car and went straight to sleep.

Scott and I both had to work at 8am on Black Friday; I hadn’t ever worked retail on the biggest shopping day of the year so I didn’t know what to expect at Michaels! We had a fun time trying to get into the Michaels parking lot that morning, as we’re located fairly near a Best Buy (which, of course, was insanely crowded, even at 8am!) The first few hours of our shift were pretty busy, but traffic died down after 12 and the rest of our afternoon was better.

After we got home, we put up our tree! But, of course, I forgot to buy garland so we didn’t finish decorating until after we went to Target to pick up cheap garland later that evening. I’m happy with how our prelit tree from Michaels looks, with our new garland, homemade ornaments, and bright, clear lights. I love how cozy our living room looks with the tree in front of the sliding doors.

We didn’t do much on Saturday or Sunday. We lounged around on Saturday morning, playing games and watching TV until we went into work at 3, and we had a nice, relaxing day yesterday cooking breakfast, watching more TV, and playing more games on our computer. I’m happy with how our Thanksgiving went this year, and right now I’m really looking forward to Christmas!