Thanksgiving 2013.

Ted and I celebrated our fourth Thanksgiving together as a couple and our first as a married couple this past Thursday. (Yes, I still need to write about our wedding. I’m planning on getting that written before the end of the year!) Over the years, we’ve established our own Thanksgiving traditions – I run a Turkey Trot at the crack of dawn, we relax in the morning and early afternoon, then we get crackin’ on cooking our dinner. We’ve enjoyed spending the holiday quietly, just the two of us.


After my 5k, we came home and relaxed for a few hours. I took a nice, hot shower (I think I used up all our hot water – it was cold out there!), then I cracked open my reward from Cassie’s 4/40 challenge in which I participated (but of course never posted about) – a nice, 2012 bottle of Cantillon! Best. Beer. Ever. I heart sours!

Our cat, Kitten

I also spent some time working on this blog! I’ve been going back and forth about having a sidebar, and Thursday I decided I wanted one again. So, I put one in, changed the colors slightly, and added categories! I’m pretty excited with the changes I’ve made.

Tofurky postcard

Our Thanksgiving is pretty much the lowest of low-key events – we cook a Tofurky, maple glazed Brussels sprouts, rosemary garlic potatoes, and wild rice, and it takes us about a few hours to prepare and an hour to clean up. Seriously, our kitchen was spotless maybe a half hour after we finished cooking. Yummy food and easy cleanup? I’m not complaining.

Ted wearing vegan attire

I’m pretty thankful for so many things in my life right now. I’m thankful for my job, which gives me both Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving as paid holidays. I’m thankful for my family and friends, who have helped me through bad times and have laughed with me through good. I’m thankful for my ability to run and to create, to write code and to read and to write. Most of all, I’m thankful for my awesome husband, who I couldn’t imagine living without.

Finished Tofurky goodness!

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving, everyone!