The best laid plans…

When I restarted my blog two weeks ago, visions of posts danced in my head. I’ll talk about knitting! Maybe I’ll talk about my 10k training when it starts! Oh! How about food posts? (As much as the internet complains about people who post food pictures, I love them. I spend more time than I care to admit looking at food pictures and recipe ideas. I don’t think it’s bad when you love to cook and try new things!)

Then, last week, I got sick.

I hadn’t been full blown sick in a long time; you know, fever, sore throat, aches and pains sick. I started feeling a little off on Sunday night, so I worked from home Monday and Tuesday to keep the sick away from my colleagues. Finally the fever and sore throat lifted enough on Wednesday so I could go into the office, but I still didn’t feel 100% better as the cold moved into my sinuses. Cue lots of nose blowing!

Today I finally feel well enough to go about my normal day. I woke up around my normal time (yes, before 7am and yes, on a weekend), ate breakfast, knit a bit, and started writing this post. Running’s on my agenda today, and unfortunately, so is working, as we need to get coding done by tonight for my team’s application. Even though I have to work on a Sunday, I feel human again, so I don’t mind putting forth the work effort.

Expect more posts from me now that I’m not blowing my nose every five minutes.