The clash

When I was in high school, I lived for Clash Day during Spirit Week. I’d coordinate my wardrobe accordingly; I’d think about what I’d wear weeks in advance, to figure out the best color combinations to burn the eye sockets of every single one of my classmates during that specific day.

I wore it all; brightly colored pants over skirts, 3 different pairs of socks, mismatched shoes, tank tops over t-shirts over long-sleeved shirts, topped with a vest, glitter, bracelets, ponytails, you name it, I clashed it. I loved looking ridiculous.

It seems I’ve changed since those days, as I felt embarassed going to work today wearing a brown coat, grey pants, and black shoes. I still don’t match all the time, but I almost always make sure to not break the “don’t wear brown and black together” rule. I only own two coats; my big, fluffy, pink winter coat, and a brown jacket I recieved for Christmas last year. It’s warmer outside today than usual, so I exchanged the pink coat for the lighter brown coat so I wouldn’t melt into a pile of sweat while walking to the office.

I would have worn a brown pair of pants with brown shoes, but I still need to pick up a pair of brown shoes I can tolerate. I’m picky with dressy shoes, but I’m dying to wear the brown pants I bought a few weeks ago. Brown with pink pinstripes! Yes, that does not clash.

Perhaps I should have just bought a coat in green or blue so it matched any article of clothing I wear. My pink coat’s good in that way because I can wear it with both brown and black. For now, I’ll have to keep on clashing.

5 thoughts on “The clash”

  1. Colleen

    As much as brown and black is taboo, it’s now become a fashion DO, according to Vogue – who would know, I guess. :)

  2. Hehe…I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to wear brown and black together :)

  3. hehe. i always wear black and brown together. people tease me for it though. i also wear white socks with black pants…mostly because i don’t own very many of black socks! ;-)

  4. Bekah

    Who cares what anyone else says about fashion, we all have our own sense of fashion and we shouldn’t be a fraid to show it off.

  5. Colleen’s right–black and brown are an acceptable combination now, according to Lucky magazine. So you were fashionable in your black/brown outfit! My coat is black and I wear it even if I’m wearing brown pants. :)

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