The day formerly known as Mini Egg Day

When I first started college, I lived for February 15. I wouldn’t concern myself with Valentine’s Day at all, even when I happened to have a significant other; I’d just wait for the 15th of February to arrive, and I’d spend the entire day in class waiting for the momentous occasion.

Yes, Cadbury’s Mini Eggs went on sale the day after Valentine’s Day, a day I looked forward to all year long. I always hated the years Easter fell in March, as it meant less Mini Egg time for me. I remember going to the grocery stores on the 15th when I attended Mount Holyoke and coming home with my prized chocolate, but since moving to Indiana, I’ve not been able to find them immediately after Valentine’s Day. I keep on hoping that some grocery store in the area will be selling them early, but so far, no dice.

Case in point; today after work, Scott and I hit a few grocery stores for the elusive Mini Eggs. We came home empty handed, much to my dismay. Oh well, they should be out in stores this weekend, hopefully. But still. I want my chocolatey goodness!

4 thoughts on “The day formerly known as Mini Egg Day”

  1. They had them out here pre-Valentine’s Day.

  2. *puts them on my list to get while in town tomorrow*

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I can’t find them here yet either. :P

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