The end of a year.

Flowers on my wallFelt flowers in the living room of my apartment.

So, it’s almost 2010. It’s been a strange, strange year, filled with ups and downs, disappointments and triumphs, happiness and sadness. I’ve made new friends and lost others. I moved. I moved! Back to New England, a dream I finally accomplished after wanting it for years and years. I love living by the ocean and smelling the sweet salt air while wandering around my new hometown, though at times I do miss South Bend and the friends and restaurants. But, I love New England; this is my home.

I suppose it’s also the end of a decade, but for some reason I haven’t really put much thought into that. When this decade started I had just turned 19; I was a freshman in college and I had just dyed my hair black for the first time. I worked in the bakery department of a grocery store in Massachusetts and I hadn’t yet decided on a major. I feel myself of 2009’s much different than myself in 1999, obviously. I have grown and learned so much this decade.

I’m trying to decide if I want to make resolutions this year. Maybe I will, only because I can think of a few things I want to improve in 2010. Maybe these are just goals, not resolutions, but is there a difference, anyway?

  • Stick to a budget. I need to do this.
  • Visit at least two new states. I’m already planning on going to California this year (I’m hitting San Francisco for Drupalcon in April!), but I need to plan on going to another state sometime.
  • Stay positive about things.
  • Write more and create more.
  • Listen to more new music. I listen to playlists created by others; I need to listen to more of these.
  • Finally, finally, make a new layout for this site! This one’s been up for over 2 and a half years, and I need a change. I’m in the process of making a few new layouts, but I haven’t finished any yet. Soon, hopefully.
  • Stay more motivated, in general.

Anyway. Hopefully 2010 brings many, many good things to everyone. Happy (almost) New Year!