The introduction of my Blogger archives

At long last, after nearly five years, I’ve imported my very, very old Blogger archives onto this site.  I started my first real weblog in late 2000, mainly as an updates page of sorts for my more in-depth online journal.  I remember ‘blogging’ becoming popular around the time I started mine, so of course I wanted to see what the fuss was about.  No one I knew had a weblog; I started writing when the online journal craze still thrived, the time when people hand coded their sites in Notepad and manually updated their links to previous entries.  Ah, those were the times.

I debated putting up my very old entries for a long time, because I wasn’t at my most verbose my sophomore year of college.  Most of my old entries consist of one line posts on what I’d updated on my site that day, stuff about college and my boyfriend at the time, or me complaining about one thing or another.  I decided I don’t care anymore and imported them using WordPress’s importing system, which made the process much, much easier than I had anticipated.  WordPress imported everything for me; I didn’t have to do a thing on the Blogger end!  I continue to be impressed with WordPress and how it’s grown since I’ve started using it. But that’s a different entry altogether.

So. Now I have my real and true first weblog entry, which also gives my weblog a real and true birthdate; December 23, 2000, two days before my own. 

This means I’ve officially been going at this weblog thing for over five years now.  My, have things changed since I’ve started, both online and off.

2 thoughts on “The introduction of my Blogger archives”

  1. cool :)

  2. That’s cool about your archives! I had problems importing my Blogger ones, unfortunately, but thank goodness everything is there now. It’s neat that you have an actual blog “birthday”! :)

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