The Matrix Revolutions

So, Scott and I went and saw the Matrix Revolutions yesterday.

What did I think? (cut so that no spoilers are revealed to those who haven’t seen it yet)

Eh, I thought it was ok. It wasn’t as bad as everyone has said it was, and I LOVED the scenes in Zion with the sentinels. I thought all the battle sequences in the latter half of the film were well done, with that scene and the scenes with Jada Pinkett Smith flying the ship through the sewer systems. Great shots.

However, it didn’t really feel like the first film, which is to be expected. I don’t think either Reloaded or Revolutions had that feel the first movie had, and I’m not sure if it’s because of the fact that these were made a few years after the original or because of the fact that it’s a ‘franchise’ now, and everyone’s high expectations of the sequels forced the writing to be not as great as the first one. I don’t know.

I did feel a lot more Hollywood in these movies than in the first one, and that bothered me a bit. The ‘rave scene’ in Reloaded pissed me off because it didn’t fit with the rest of the movie, and it just seemed to be a haphazard way to throw sex into the movie in some way. I mean, I did justify it to myself, thinking ‘well, maybe this is how the people of Zion really were acting, you know?’. But still.

And, well, while the Christ imagery was vague and undertoned (if that’s a word) in the first movie, they blatantly threw it into the audience’s faces during this one. You know what I mean if you’ve seen the movie. I also figured at the end that both Neo and Smith would die, Neo sacrificing himself for the good of the rest of mankind. (Wait, there’s one of the blatant Christ references.) I didn’t figure, however, that ‘Trin’ *cringes* would die, but maybe that’s for people at the end to think ‘well, they’re together in heaven now’ or something.

Yeah, I know I sound bitter in my review of this movie, but I don’t really feel that harsh about it. I picked up on some weaknesses, enjoyed the good parts, and all in all had an enjoyable experience at the theater.