The obligatory ‘day after’ entry

I feel compelled to write about how my Monday was, because for some odd reason it sticks out of my mind, the last day of normalcy before all this chaos occurred.

I woke up at around 9 or 9:30 on Monday morning, and went to class as usual. It was a beautiful day, and Nate and I went to McDonald’s for lunch the way we always do (or did) on Mondays. Then, we both walked to class, and I waited for him to get out. I walked him to his Psych class, and I went home. We planned on eating at Collins at 5:30, after my computer science class. I went to Collins at 5:30 and met Nate, who told me we were going for Japanese food with Adam and his mom. The food was so delicious, so I was content for the rest of the night.

After dinner I went to band and found I had gotten second flute, first chair. We played two songs that evoked memories I forgot I had. After that, Adam drove me to my dorm and dropped me off. A few hours later, Nate came over, and after a while, we went to bed.

. . .

At 8:30 AM on Tuesday morning, Nate observed how loud the girl across the hall was being. “Does she ever shut up?” he asked me, trying to get back to sleep.

At 9:30, we had about had it. We both woke up, and he and I took showers. Ten minutes later we came back in, him right after me.

“Did you hear what happened?” Nate said to me, and he told me the story. Some guy on the first floor had told Nate what happened on the way back from him taking his shower.

When I went back to my computer, I saw that Corinna had left me a message telling me what had happened. I didn’t think it was that serious until I saw that message from Corinna.

I remember feeling really frightened. I also remember initially thinking that the planes that were flown into the buildings were just little planes, not commercial airline planes filled with innocent people. I felt sick after hearing that they were.

Since I didn’t have a TV at the time (I got it the next day), Nate and I went to his room to watch the news. On the way there, we talked about what had happened. We weren’t sure exactly what this meant, or what was going to happen, if there were going to be more attacks. I expressed my fear to Nate, who was pretty scared and shocked himself.

When we got to his room we turned on the TV, and I soon found out that some of the planes came from Logan airport in Boston, near where Carrie goes to school. That freaked me out, so I talked to her online. Then I called my mother, who had been crying about it earlier in the day. Everything around my hometown had been closed, even though it’s about an hour and a half away from Boston.

I am still scared, but I want to move on. I don’t want to turn on the TV and see the attack coverage all the time. Watching too much attack coverage can really mess a person up, skew their thoughts and scare them shitless. I’ve already seen and talked to a lot of people who have panicked over this tragedy.

I guess that’s all I think about it. It’s not very deep, but that’s it. I’m sick of hearing it on TV, and I’m sick of getting IMs and emails with the same message, “and send this to five people and don’t break the chain”.

We just shouldn’t freak out because when we do, the terrorists win.