The one where I go to the gym

Yesterday, I did the unthinkable; I went to the gym. No, obviously I’m not looking to lose weight; Scott has permission to go to extreme measures if I start dropping the pounds! I’m short, I’m small, and I’m a tiny, tiny weakling. I need to gain muscle and perhaps tone my body a bit to feel better physically, which will enable me to be more active in other areas of my life. I feel getting in shape will be good for me and Scott, and it will be something new to do.

I also really, really need to work on my flexibility. I can’t touch my toes; when I try bending down, I can only go about an inch below my knees before I can’t go any further. I don’t want to be inflexible the rest of my life, and I don’t want this to lead to back problems later on.

I’m meeting with a trainer at the gym we belong to tomorrow for a fitness assessment; hopefully he or she will help me out with what I need to do to become more flexible and to get more strength and endurance. I’ll be happy to not be huffing and puffing every time I go up a flight of stairs.

Yeah. This is the last entry I ever expected to post, as I’m the least athletic person in the world!

8 thoughts on “The one where I go to the gym”

  1. You sound JUST like me. My arms hurt if I lift a heavy can of soup or something. And I can barely reach my knees. I honestly don’t think it can be improved in my case. My joints are badly put together.

  2. I just started working out with my mom at her health club. Same reason, I also don’t need to lose weight at all but I still feel unhealthy and that sucks. The flexibility thing always gets me too.

    I hope you stick to it because it gets hard sometimes (like today when my brain said, “Oh why go? You can just stay home and eat ice cream and play on the computer!”) but just getting yr butt going is the first step!

    Go us!

  3. Hanna

    I’m the opposite, I need to lose weight but I’m strong and flexible (I can reach my toes!)

    There was no point in this comment but the image of a combined Aubrey/Hanna just amused me. Skinny, strong, and flexible, or the opposite?

  4. I’m fairly flexible, I guess (if being able to put your foot behind your head counts)… and I know I don’t need to lose weight – however, I THINK I need to lose weight. My boyfriend, Nick, REALLY needs to lose weight, but can never keep up with the working out, proper diets, etc. Instead, he thinks curling will solve all his problems. Oh, dear. :) Anyways, yoga is a blast, and a great way to get flexible.

  5. ” No, obviously I’m not looking to lose weight;”

    I think this is the part where I start to hate you a little bit :)

  6. good luck on that! I think it’s fun seeing the progress w/ flexibility and weight training. I only do free weights though.. And yoga has helped me to be able to touch my palms to the floor! Lots of fun. Although I can’t do the splits.. Yet. :)

  7. Carrie

    Did you know that every Friends episode is called ‘The One…’? So your entry makes me feel like I’m watching Friends. :)

  8. I’ve never set foot in a gym before. I have, however, used a treadmill once. Not recommended.

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