The queen of randomness rears her head

Blah, blah blah. I want to play with this layout but what do you know, I’m lazy! I had the entire day off to go look at some reception sites so I spent my day tooling around Nashville, IN, looking at pretty sites and taking pretty pictures. Still don’t know where the reception will be; :scott: and I are looking at more places in Nashville this weekend and I’m taking him to the inn that I liked. I just hope that place won’t be too pricy.

I’m listening to Blur, drinking Diet Coke, and just in general bumming around until I log on to :eq2: at 8. I figured I should at least get something done today. I should have gotten my car fixed, but again, laziness strikes!

I wish a good band would come to Bloomington.

I love the Hollies.

Me, random? Nooo. Never.