Thirty five.

My favorite Christmas stars.

My favorite Christmas stars.

I am 35 years old today. It’s kind of been a tradition for me to post about my birthday, at least when I’ve written in my blog more often.  I also thought I’d be used to my birthday being on Christmas by now, but I still get more excited about Christmas first and remember later in the day that oh yeah, it’s also my birthday!

I always imagined my 30s to be different than they are for me – I still wear bright colors,  I’ve never lived in the same place for more than two years as an adult, and I still don’t have everything figured out. I’m spending the day by myself for the first time in my life, and instead of being sad, I’m looking at it as an interesting way to celebrate the holiday. I plan on eating at two of my favorite restaurants for lunch and dinner (I’m happy they are both open today!) and hoping to get a free birthday beer from each place! Goals, I have them.

I don’t really feel like doing today’s prompt, which is to detail what I love about my family and friends. I can’t even begin to put in words the love I feel for those I hold dear. I’m grateful for everyone in my life and happy with the people I’ve chosen to be in it, who have also chosen me. Things may not be perfect, but those in my life help me more than they will ever know.

Merry Christmas, everybody!

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  1. Hope you have a wonderful birthday! I’m six years older than you and I sit around the table playing pretend and rolling dice. :)

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