Thoughts during a storm

I take myself and this blog way too seriously. What happened to the days I felt comfortable opening up a text editor or admin panel and just wrote what I wanted? It’s been awhile. My next goal for this blog is to just write what comes to me instead of leaving this space dormant because I feel I need to write about a specific topic instead of just, you know, getting thoughts down on paper or bytes. These days I feel as though I need to care about analytics, reaching the right audience, or restricting myself to one topic to gather the most readers. None of this is me, and it’s been keeping me from actually doing anything with this space.

So yeah. Time to change this.

Also, Tropical Storm Irene has been a little on the underwhelming side for those of us on the Seacoast. No biggie, I’m just glad we did stock up on water, Clif/Luna bars, and beer just in case we’d be without power for awhile. I still hear the wind howling and the rain pouring, so perhaps we may still be without power for a little bit, but so far, this storm seems far less potant than the wind storm we encountered at the beginning of 2010. THAT was an adventure.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts during a storm”

  1. starlakitty

    YES!! i wish more blogs were just about what was on people’s mind & less about thigns that they feel like they should be writing about.  you should do this. it would me happy. <3

    1. Yay! I definitely want to do this more often. I need to write more and I need to write what I want and not care what other people think. I’ve lost that recently!

  2. Jaime Rice

    Lean Mean Irene was pretty underwhelming for us, too, although I know a lot of New Jersey wasn’t so lucky, especially the shore sections. Where Scott lives was completely flooded, but they are allowing residents back in. Where I am, though, on the southwestern side of the state by Philly, made out really well! No power outages (yet – knock wood), no trees down (ditto), no damage. Just a really messy yard and a tree frog in the swimming pool.

    I agree with you about your topics and your audience. I need to just start writing things down in a more expanded format and not relying on social media to be my “blogging” outlet. I also keep feeling like I don’t have anything interesting to say, since my days mostly consist of, “Commute, class, homework, repeat”.

    1. I run into issues with thinking I don’t do anything exciting, either! So I end up not writing anything at all, even when I travel and go to cool places. It’s annoying, and I’m hoping to change this by writing a lot more often! I hope I can do it, and I hope you can too!

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