Time’s still passing…

I’m not doing that great of a job keeping this site updated. Granted, I had a bit of a challenging week last week, and much of my writing took place via my offline paper journal instead of here. I also didn’t have much time to do the things I love, except for playing some World of Warcraft.

Speaking of which, today Scott and I ran the Deadmines successfully with a group of people who weren’t morons, and I hit level 20! We’ve still been playing fairly casually and I’m still happy with the speed in which we’re leveling, so in all it’s been a good experience. It passes time, at least.

Today the temperature is in the mid 40s, but rainy and not so pleasant outside. I’m still venturing out to hang with a few of my knitting friends, some of which I haven’t seen since before the holidays. It’s strange, thinking about how long ago November and December actually were. When I got together with my writing friends yesterday, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen one of them since early December! Time flies when lots of things happen.