Tornadoes in February?

I just love the fact that we’re under a tornado watch right now… in February. February! If you’ve read the about page or you know me in real life, you’ll know I’m not lying when I discuss my acute fear of tornadoes. I’ve been in this state for five years and every time I so much as glimpse the tiniest bolt of lightning, I run to the internet and obsessively watch the satellite maps in motion until I see the bad weather pass.

What’s even funnier is that we’re supposed to get snow overnight. Tornadoes and snow; who would have thought it?

Edit: I’m lame enough to have saved a picture of the weather here as it is right now.

4 thoughts on “Tornadoes in February?”

  1. having grown up in illinois, i’m no stranger to tornado warnings. however, my area is pretty safe as far as an actual tornado touchdown is concerned. it hasn’t happened in at least 25 years according to my mom!

    i hope the weather is calm…i don’t want to wake up to snow (or tornadoes) tomorrow.

  2. I am SO afraid of tornadoes as well.. seeing as I lived in Indiana for 10 years, its one thing you dont ever forget.. and my mom who is worse than I was, always has this thing.. if a Tornado watch comes on the tv, everyone better be dressed from head to toe, meaning socks and shoes too.. so in case something happens and we have to run or whatever weird thing she thinks.. we’ll at least have one complete outfit on incase the house gets blown away.. Ive been in a few, during drivers Ed one went by the school.. on my senior prom night.. we saw some in the air, and one almost took out the place where we were having prom… I really /hate/ them! Robert thinks im a loon when we get bad weather here.. and the couple times we’ve had tornado watches.. ive been completely dressed, pacing the house!

    *hugs* see, you arent the only one =)

  3. I was terribly afraid of tornadoes when I grew up in the Bend. Because I was told that tornadoes sounded like trains when they came through, I would close my windows at night in the summer because the sound of the train tracks that were a mile a way from our house scared me. I rather die of heat stroke in the middle of the Indiana summer than die from the “tornado” that I could hear at night. Luckily, in the 20 years that I lived there, there was only a few minor “wind events”….no tornados like the Palm Sunday one of the 1960s.

  4. That’s like a couple of months ago we had lightning and snow… ?!? The weather will never cease to confuse me. Or frighten me for that matter. Here’s to hoping your weather is back to normal now.

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