I’m starting to not feel this layout anymore, but I’m too uninspired to create something else and too lazy to poke around for a new theme made by someone else. Go figure. Most of the time I think new layout = more writing, so maybe that’s why I’m wanting a new look to this place.

I forget how much I hate January, February, and March, mainly because of the cold weather. I dislike bundling in heavy coats and scarves, freezing in my house though the temperature’s set to around 70, and the feeling of not really wanting to go out and do anything because I don’t look forward to walking outside in the cold from my car to whatever destination I’m going (I am that sad, yes).

Today we cleaned the house, and right now I’m enjoying freshly brewed tea out of the teapot I gave Scott for Christmas. We’ve been drinking a lot of tea recently as we’re both trying to cut down on soda. I’ve been feeling better since I started drinking more water.

I’ve been knitting. A lot. But, I haven’t been taking pictures, so no pictorial evidence of my knitting endeavors exists just yet. Soon. I’m finishing up a few gifts (one is a very late Christmas gift, what of it?) and in general, probably because it’s winter, I’ve been lazy. I’ve been lazy with posting pictures in general because I’m pretty self conscious when taking photos in public. I know I shouldn’t be.

Maybe I’ll be un-lazy later on today. Here’s to hoping.