On updates and designing

So, all the updates I said would come after updating this place (nearly) every day in December? Yeah. Obviously, that didn’t happen, mainly because I’ve been lazy with taking pictures of my knitting and because I haven’t really felt like posting anything online. I HAVE, however, updated my paper journal every day so far this month, which makes me happy, and I’ve been knitting and knitting my stole in hopes of finishing it before the end of the month. I have about 20 rows to go before I get to the edging, and then I’m finished! I’m looking forward for it to be done so I can start knitting some gloves before winter ends. (And, well, knowing how this winter’s gone so far, watch me not even have to use them after I finish them due to the weather being more like autumn weather than winter.)

That being said, I also want to really redesign this place. I’ve used some incarnation of this design on Star Shaped since sometime in 2005, changing colors for the season and making minor tweaks to it. I think I’ve made something like 2 or 3 other designs in 2006, but never liked them well enough to use. In general, I do like the layout I’m using, but I also would like to see something new. It’s just a matter of me taking the time to begin building another design, something I haven’t really wanted to do for awhile. I don’t like using other people’s themes because people think I did them myself, and I don’t want to take credit for other people’s work. Plus, I like my own creations.

If I don’t get sucked in by the World of Warcraft expansion tonight, maybe I will stop being lazy and begin working on a new design. One can hope, at least!