Wonder why I haven’t been posting much recently? Well, I went on vacation this past week to a place with absolutely no internet, so I couldn’t write anything of note. Scott and I went to Cape Cod with my parents, my brother, and his girlfriend, and we had a great time, as always. I really don’t have much to say about it, just because we go to the same place every year and we don’t really do much besides sit by the beach, relax, and enjoy our time in New England. But I’m not complaining.

More up later, once I have more to say.

5 thoughts on “Vacation”

  1. We missed you. I want to go to Cape Cod! Or really, I’d settle for anything involving the Atlantic Ocean, which I have only seen vaguely a few times.

  2. krissy

    welcome back, I missed you! :)

  3. Sitting by the beach, relaxing, and enjoying your time in New England sound pretty darn good to me! :) Glad you made it back safely though. I’d love to visit out there, sometime.

  4. Y’know, it’s interesting. I’ve read a bunch of people I knew going over to Cape Cod for a vacation all at the same time. Makes me wonder how many of you passed each other on the way without knowing you had a Jessa in common! {grins}

    I could so use a Cape Cod vacation right now.

  5. …and I had to comment again, because I wanted to be in a white box, too. I felt kind of un-special being all plain.

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