Vox, Vista, visitation, and more!

So, I haven’t posted here for a week or so. Why, may you ask? Well, I’ve been busy with a few things.

Parental visitation

My parents came out this way to pay us a visit for five days, to check out the new house and to see the two of us. I spent my days at work and my nights hanging with them, fixing the house, and generally just having a good time. They helped us with a few housing projects; mainly, we now have flowers in the flower boxes and we’ve also moved around a few of the shrubs out front. They also got us a new shower curtain and helped with installing shelf paper in the kitchen and assisted with replacing the vanity in the half bathroom. I have pictures of some of these changes, but of course, I decided to fiddle with my computer instead…

Vista ho!

A few days ago, I decided to randomly wipe my hard drive and install Beta 2 of Windows Vista on my main machine. Yeah. I’m really liking how it looks and operates, more than I thought I would. The only problem is that I’m going to need to re-wipe my hard drive as soon as I get a new DVD drive, as my older than dirt drive won’t boot from DVD. I have a thing with reformatting my entire drive before installing a new OS on it, so right now I have my old XP install somewhere on the drive with no way to access most of it. Annoying.

Voxy goodness

Sometime last weekend, I recieved an invite to Vox, Six Apart‘s new blogging/social network application, and I’ve spent some time playing around with it. I’m really, really liking the interface and intuitiveness of it; I think SA’s doing a good job with this so far. Also, I believe I have a few invites, so if you read this blog regularly and I know you already, I’ll send an invitation your way if you’d want to give it a whirl. I picked the oh-so-original name of aubrey.vox.com for my Vox blog, if you want to check it out.

Doin’ the DS thing

Scott and I also went out on Sunday and bought a new Nintendo DS Lite, complete with the Brain Age and New Super Mario Brothers games. We’re having fun with both so far, especially Brain Age, which will do good for us in the long run.

Yeah, I didn’t go in depth with anything today, mainly because I just wanted to recap what’s been going on recently. Hopefully I’ll have more pictures up here sometime soon, as we’ve been doing lots of things with the house! So, until next time…

5 thoughts on “Vox, Vista, visitation, and more!”

  1. That must have been fun to have your parents visit for a few days! :)

    Ooooh, Brain Age. I’d buy it just for the Sudoku component.

  2. I just want to say that I saw this caption under one of your new photos:

    “Ok, I don’t know why I’m grabbing my own boob, why my mom looks drunk, or why my sister’s laughing.”

    And I nearly peed my pants. Why ARE you grabbing your own boob? What cracked me up about that was the fact that you made it sound like you’d grab someone ELSE’S boob, but definitely not your own. ;)

  3. Hanna

    How does Vista compare to XP from what you’ve seen so far?

    Vox seems cool, hadn’t heard of it before, but if you still have any invites, I wouldn’t mind one. (And if you’re all out, I’ll sign up in the invitation queue thing.)

  4. I’d like an invite :)

  5. If you have a vox invitation you’re willing to pass on to a stranger, I’d love one. Thanks.

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