On web design (sort of)

As you can see, I changed the layout; I just took the layout I used last year and updated it a bit. I’ve had such a hard time doing any sort of design within the past year because I have it in my head that I’m not that good at it, so why even try?

I used to get so excited, redoing my site, that I’d redo the layout every month or so. I stopped doing this as often when I started getting into the web standards thing; I figured I had to make my sites look boring, generic, for me to be able to code them and not break the validators.

When I began, I’d do design as I coded; I’d type the HTML into Notepad and see how it looked. I see limitations in this now; I’d do code first, then graphics later. I really need to become more familiar with using Photoshop or Fireworks to design my layouts, then cut out what I need and develop after I’ve made the design.

I’ve gotten used to doing this at work. Our designer gives me the designs in Photoshop format, and I slice them up and use them in the layouts I create. Since starting my job, I’ve realized just how much easier it is to make the design first, then cut it here and there to transform it into an actual, dynamic website.

I need to sit down sometimes and begin creating more layouts this way. I think it’ll be fun for me, learning more about the graphics programs I use, and it will hopefully better my design skills. Here’s to hoping, at least.