Carrie’s wedding

So, my sister’s wedding was this past weekend, so Scott and I made the drive over to Massachusetts so I could be her Matron of Honor. I had an excellent time, and her wedding was absolutely beautiful. I’m proud to have been part of it.

I awoke at 8am on the wedding day and proceeded to shower early so that I didn’t need to later on when everyone came over to get ready. Carrie’s wedding was at 11am on Saturday morning, so everything occurred really early in the day. I showered, did my hair, put on my makeup, and put on my dress; a pink dress Carrie borrowed from a friend of hers that ended up fitting me perfectly. I liked how I looked, even though the dress really didn’t seem like my style!

Scott, the nice guy he is, went out to Dunkin’ Donuts right before the ceremony to pick me up a Coolata and donut, which I ate and drank on the way to the ceremony itself. We took pictures of just us girls and then were ushered into the parlor before the ceremony began.

The church was hot, and sitting in that parlor didn’t help! We were happy to finally line up to go into the church, and the ceremony passed in a blur. I cried when my sister walked down the aisle; I’m not afraid to admit it! I’ve teared up at every wedding I’ve been to this year besides my own. Go figure.

After the ceremony ended, the party began! We headed over to the reception area and :peter:’s brother Garrett and I walked in the room to “Let’s Get It Started” by the Black Eyed Peas. We sat down at the head table, cheered when Carrie and Peter entered the room, and then began the toasts. Yeah, I half-assed mine and I cracked myself up when I very nearly mentioned the fact that I pulled the toast out of my ass to the 150+ people in the room! Everyone laughed when I said I was happy Peter was a computer geek like Scott and I.

And the food. Man, the food was delicious; I ordered a prime rib, which I ate with two bottles of Sam Adams. I haven’t had better meat in such a long time. The cake was delicious too, and I had a good time at the reception, hanging around with Scott and Erica.

More fun occurred when we arrived home at 5pm from the reception; we spent the rest of the evening drinking and talking with my aunts and the Parkers. Erica and I amused ourselves silly by writing names of crappy bands on a piece of paper. Don’t ask. Really, don’t ask.

. . .

Here are a few pictures from the wedding day. I can’t believe my little sister’s married!


Obviously my sister and I.

The siblings

The siblings!

A few more pictures are posted on my flickr account, tagword “carriewedding“.