Wedding shawl!

I haven’t posted much about our upcoming wedding. We didn’t spend much of our time in 2012 doing wedding planning, so as soon as we rang in 2013, we moved on reserving everything. All the big stuff – DJ, JP, photographer, rehearsal dinner location, honeymoon, invitations – is done at this point, thankfully. Next up is figuring out centerpieces, finalizing my dress, and picking out our music. We have about two and a half months to go, so I’m confident we’ll get it all done in time.

Of course I knit a wedding shawl. Was that even a question?

Wedding shawl! Wedding shawl!

I loooooove Citron. I knit my first Citron in late 2009 – early 2010; I remember bringing it with me when my dad was in the hospital in western MA after his accident. I used Malabrigo lace in [blue color] for my first one, and I loved the feel of the single ply yarn with the ruched sections of the shawl. I, uhh, still need to block it. As any of my friends in my knit group will tell you, I’m notoriously bad at blocking my shawls in a timely manner. I may or may not have three shawls sitting in a pile waiting to be blocked…

When I started thinking of potential patterns for my wedding shawl, Citron called my name. A skein of handspun in our exact wedding colors also seemed the obvious choice. I’d been saving that handspun for a special occasion; what better occasion than our wedding day?

Spinning my yarn! Spinning my yarn!

Here’s me spinning that yarn, way back in 2008! How is 2008 five years ago? Yes, I’m spinning barefoot, because barefoot is the best way to spin.

Close up of the wedding shawl! Close up of the wedding shawl!

I kind of love how my yarn knit up, with little flecks of blue in the red sections, sections of red in the blue sections, and wide bands of both red and blue in other sections. It’s just the look I wanted, and I’m excited to wear it with my (pretty awesome) dress in a couple months! I just need to get it blocked first.