Weekend at the Cape

I’m back from my mini weekend vacation to Cape Cod, and I have to say one thing: I’m so happy that the weekend actually turned out to be nice! It rained a bit and was generally cloudy on Friday night when we arrived, but eh. We knew the next day would fare better, weather-wise.

My mother and I awoke on Saturday to a cloudless sky, so we took advantage of that by hitting the outdoor flea market and a used bookstore about 30 miles down the road. We returned to the island to take a walk along the beach, then we lounged around until dinner. We went to a restaurant down the street from our island road, and I ate lobster while drinking a raspberry mango daquari. We ate until we thought we’d burst, then we stopped at my favorite ice cream place and I treated myself to a small ice cream.

The real beauty lay in front of us as we drove back to the island in the sunset.

[Photo: Lieutenant Island bridge]
Lieutenant Island bridge, 9.6.03

We came onto the island again at just the right time; the sun was setting and the tide was rising, causing the beautiful colors of the sky to reflect into the still ocean waters beside us.

[Photo: Cape Cod sunset]
Beautiful multicolored sky, 9.6.03

We returned to the cottage, full and satisfied from the food we had eaten, and we relaxed by the heater, knitting and watching a little television before going to sleep. We woke up the next morning, tidied up the cottage, and left for home. About an hour into the trip we reached the end of Cape Cod and the beginning of the state of Massachusetts (because how can Cape Cod actually be part of the state?), and we crossed the bridge back onto the mainland.

[Photo: Sagamore bridge signs]
Sagamore signs, 9.7.03

About two hours later I was back at home, enjoying the beautiful weather here. I had a great weekend.