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Even though I shouldn’t care much about football, I’m pretty sad that the Colts lost to the Steelers this afternoon. I felt the same way yesterday when the Patriots lost to the Broncos last night; I’m still in shock that that Pats actually won Superbowls this decade. They were a huge, huge laughingstock when I was in high school.

Well, go Bears! We technically live closer to Chicago than Indianapolis anyway, so we have another team to go for at least.

Again, why do I care so much about football?

5 thoughts on “Where I talk about football”

  1. I was definitely bummed about both losses. Especially since it looked like the Colts were going to come back until that last kick :(

  2. My ex roots for the Colts, so out of complete immaturity and stupid revenge, I am against them :P It was an exciting game – I really thought they were going to win in the end for a little bit there!

    I’m not a sports fan at all, but my favorite is football, and my boss is a HUGE football fan (mostly college though, Roll Tide Roll!) so I hear about it and listen to the games at work. I just think it’s fun to cheer on a team and when it gets down to the wire, it is pretty exciting.

    Being an ex-Illinoisan, I was rooting pretty hard for the Bears. Too bad :(

  3. I cheered so much for the colts, It had me all stressed out and crampy/achy with the baby afterwards, and barely no voice! can you tell how much I wanted them to win?? lol

    as for the bears, I wanted them to win, but didnt go as nutso as I did for the colts.. I slept for the first half to recover! sad they lost too though!

  4. Though seeing the Colts win wouldn’t’ve been too bad, I’ll have to admit that I was quite happy to see the Broncos win Saturday! I can’t really say I blame Brady for it though…from what my friend said, it was pretty much too loud to hear anything out there with the fans and all!

    Here’s hopin’ they win next week!

  5. I am *so* very bummed about the Colts’ loss. :( I was *really* hoping that we would be celebrating their arrival at the Super Bowl this year! I guess that kissing our Colts neck pillow multiple times didn’t help. :(

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