Where was I?

Shamelessly taken from Indranil.

Where was I one year ago?

We returned from visiting Scott’s parents in St Louis, where we spent the majority of our time planning our wedding. I worked as a cashier at Michaels, talking with coworkers and customers about our wedding plans. Yes, the wedding consumed my life at this point last year.

Where was I five years ago?

I embraced the first day of warm weather during the spring semester of my sophomore year of college. I looked forward to my impending move to Indiana, and I missed my boyfriend, who I had been dating for about six months.

Where was I ten years ago?

I couldn’t wait for summer; I greatly disliked my freshman year of high school. I started dying my hair pink and listened to Smashing Pumpkins nonstop. I went to hockey games with my two best friends and wrote song lyrics in Pig Latin during history class.

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