Winter blues

So, I missed a couple days. This doesn’t surprise me, as I didn’t have much going on besides going to work and going home. The weather’s finally getting colder here, down to the mid-30s which is typical for the month of December. I’m just glad there’s no snow yet. No snow, please!

Winter seems to slow me down, every year. Once Daylight Saving Time ends in November, it takes me awhile to adjust to the sun setting at 4:15. I always forget how much I miss sunlight this time of year. The sun’s setting now as I type this post. Do light therapy boxes really work in the winter? A few people I know bought them this year and it’s helped them, so that’s definitely a thought. Adjusting to winter’s always hard, even more so this year because of the warmer temperatures we’ve had so far. Seems like winter is coming for real now, though.

Maybe one year, I’ll be ready for it.

2 thoughts on “Winter blues”

  1. I hear the lightboxes really do work. you should try it :) I really like the stars around your window!

    1. Thanks! I have them up at my cube at my job now, but that window at my last job was so much cooler than my boring cube, haha.

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