WP iTunes and Feedburner feeds

If you’ve stopped by this weblog within the past few days, you may have noticed a nice little list of music I’m listening to over at the sidebar. Thanks go to Rehan, who posted a link to a website implementing this plugin in #wordpress. Like it? Download WP iTunes and give it a try. Obviously, you need to be using iTunes as your music player for it to work.

I’ve also made a change to the way my Flickr photos display in the sidebar; instead of one random image appearing, I’ve reconfigured it so the last three images I’ve posted show. I did this mainly because of the Feedburner feed I’ll now be using on the site in case anyone wants to subscribe. Not only will Feedburner’s feed show every post I make here, but it will also show pictures I post from Flickr and links posted from del.icio.us (in case I feel like using it again; I’m too lazy to post links I like most of the time!) if you read my site via a feedreader.

Next up, playing around with the way my archives are displayed and finally updating my links list. I will never, ever call it a blogroll and yes, I have my reasons.

2 thoughts on “WP iTunes and Feedburner feeds”

  1. I did notice your little music thingy on the side – very cool. Except, I’d be afraid I was listening to something embarassing, like Paula Abdul or something and the whole wide internetz would know! :P

  2. krissy

    awesome! I like all the changes :)

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