Yarn, driving, and gifts.

So. I’m having a great time with Krissy and Mike; today we ventured to the wonder that is Sheep’s Clothing, a yarn shop in Valparaiso, and we were not disappointed. I’m glad I finally, finally made the drive; we walked through the rooms in wonder, and I drooled over some black, pink, and brown Koigu (which I DID NOT BUY!). I keep on telling myself I’ll go back after the holidays; I’ll need new yarn then, definitely.

Tomorrow I drop Krissy and Mike off at the airport, and I hope the blizzard in Colorado doesn’t keep them hanging in Chicago! After that, I plan on driving to the mall, picking up some last minute Christmas gifts (down to the wire, I know), go into work, hopefully get out around 2 or 3, and drive the 5 hours to Scott’s parents’ house. Fun times, I say.

For now, it’s bedtime. I was hoping to wrap some gifts tonight, but that may be left to Scott when he gets off work tomorrow…