40000 words!

I’ve been keeping ahead of my word count goal, and yesterday night I hit 40000 words! I’m happy and surprised, and I’m glad I’m still going with this novel. It won’t be finished at 50k, however, so I’ll probably still be writing it after November is finished. But hey, I will get the 50k done before the end of the month!

I’m hoping to get another 3000 words done today and tomorrow, which leaves 2000 for Saturday. I’ll be away this weekend, helping Scott’s parents pack up all their stuff (they’re moving right around Thanksgiving), so I won’t be around as much to do novel-writing on my computer. That’s where Documents to Go, my Handspring Visor Pro, and my Targus Stowaway keyboard come in handy. I’ll be able to finish my novel when I’m at their house more than likely, which makes me happy.

I promise, I won’t talk much about Nanowrimo anymore. I know not many people want to read about it, and I know I get bored when I reread what I wrote. Still, I like having the documentation about my novel there.