I went and saw Radiohead yesterday. We didn’t get to stand anywhere near the stage, so I didn’t feel the full “I’m at a concert surrounded by people getting all sweaty and gross because of jumping around and everyone around me loves this band as much if not more than I do” feeling I usually get at concerts. I like being really near the front of the stage, to see the band, to both hear and feel the sounds and sights run through me, becoming part of it. But I’m not complaining.

I felt a little bit of it, even standing waaay in the back. the songs they played were so beautiful and raw and permeated my mind, even when I wasn’t at the center of the crowd and the front of the stage.

They played most of the songs from Amnesiac and Kid A, and a lot more from The Bends and OK Computer than I had expected. None from Pablo Honey though, which I had expected. They opened the show with “The National Anthem” and closed with a more drum heavy “Everything In Its Right Place” (both of which were awesome). Some of my favorite songs they played were “Lucky” (it’s gonna beeee….a GLOOOOOOOORIOUS day), “Paranoid Android” (which is reeeeally cool live!), “Idioteque” (hearing Thom scream the lyrics to that live just blew me away), “You and Whose Army?” (which me and Chrissy LOVE), “Pyramid Song” (yet another one of my favorites), and “No Surprises” (which reminds me of Nate, and I had wished he had been there with me). But hell, all of the songs were good!

They came out for two encores. During the first one, the played a cool piano version of “Spinning Plates”, which was so much better and prettier than the one on Amnesiac. They played other songs for the first encore, but I don’t remember what they were. (When I find a playlist I will put it in.)

For the second encore, they came out and played “Karma Police” which surprised me. Then they ended the show with “The Tourist” which isn’t my most favorite song in the world but it ended the show nicely.

Now, getting to the show and back was a good time in itself and is highly worth talking about.

I left work at 2:30 to get ready for the show, and waited for my friend Will (who I used to work with but hadn’t seen in person for a good year and a half) to get to my house. We took off and picked up Corinna, and we were on our way to our friend Chrissy’s house in Framingham. I drove (and we didn’t die!) and then we got into Chrissy’s car to drive the 30 minute drive to the concert.

Before we were on our way, we stopped at a Papa Gino’s for something to eat. Chrissy and Will both made the mistake of drinking too much soda, and two hours later they regretted it. On our way to Boston we got stuck in the 5 o’clock rush hour traffic, with no end in sight. Both Will and Chrissy had to use the bathroom pretty badly, but we had no idea what to do.

We spotted a few guys getting out of their car at a particularly populated part of the jam. One of them stood in the divider, partially (but not well) hidden from people,and peed right there. We all looked in disbelief, and said to each other,

“He did not just pee right there!”

About five minutes later, we passed a Port-A-Potty amidst some construction, and Will decided to make a run for it. Chrissy, Corinna, and I laughed as Will jumped over the dividers to find a place to pee. When he came back, soaked in water from jumping over puddles (NOT peeing his pants!), the people in the car behind us were cheering him on. It was great.

The rest of the drive was spent singing along to Radiohead and Beatles songs, giving directions to people (who seemed to think we knew what we were doing!), and honking at the ‘honk if you like cookies’ van.

We arrived at the venue at 7:45, a full hour and fifteen minutes after the show started. Will didn’t have a ticket, so we were hoping that there would still be people selling tickets at a fairly low price so Will could get in. And lo and behold, the first person that approached Chrissy’s car was selling a ticket for only 40 bucks! So he got in as well., We arrived just as Radiohead started their set.

The way home wasn’t as exciting but it was just as fun. Getting out of the venue took ages, and then we got lost until we hit Harvard square. Then Will and I started talking computers and confused Chrissy and Corinna.

When we got back to Chrissy’s at around 11:30, we were fairly tired. Corinna drove the rest of the way home, back to her apartment, and we had a good talk. Then she said goodbye when we reached her place, and hugged. I didn’t really know how to get back onto 202 from her apartment, so I tried the best I could and ended up going the wrong way down a one way street. But 202 was right around the corner so I got home fine, as did Will.

And that’s the Radiohead Concert story.

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