Yarn Harlot in South Bend!

Ok, I admit, I've only read Yarn Harlot once or twice; I've always been entertained by her weblog, but I just haven't had the time to add another site to the many, many sites I already read. Plus, I don't really read any knitting weblogs, only because I know I'll be sucked in and tempted to buy lots and lots of yarn that my bank account cannot afford just yet. Wait, who am I kidding, I already lust over pretty yarn!

Anyway, through the knitting guild I belong to here in South Bend, I found she's coming to the new yarn shop in South Bend for a book signing! I didn't even know she had a book out (err, bookS, after perusing amazon.com), and since I really don't do much of anything on Sundays, I may journey to the center of town to join in on the fun. I liked the yarn shop the one time I've been to it; the chairs were comfy, the owners nice, atmosphere cozy and intimate. I just hate parking in downtown South Bend. Still, this event should be fun; it gets me out for a few hours and I'll get to spend time with other knitters. Plus, I may pick up one of her books and get it signed, as the subject matter seems to be pretty interesting. I wonder why I hadn't really read her site before today.

Aubrey on wordpress.com

I received an invitation for wordpress.com today; I signed up on the website to receive one a few weeks ago and got my invitation today. I'm wondering what I should use it for, besides just playing around; I've been debating using it as a portfolio site of sorts but I may actually want to use a layout of my own for a portfolio site. I may end up using it as a Nanowrimo log of sorts when I'm writing my novel, depending on what I feel like doing. I'll think of something.

Oh yeah, the url. I'm oh-so-original and chose aubrey.wordpress.com. I'll figure out a use for it after I fiddle with it for a bit.

Nanowrimo 2005, coming soon!

I've spent the past few days thinking way, way too much about Nanowrimo this year; I'm still mad that I didn't end up finishing last year after successfully writing a 50,000 word novel in November of 2003. This year, I plan on using something called 'imagination'; with this tool, I should be able to at least cross the finish line with something interesting. I'm beginning to really think about characterization; I do not want to have my main character's group of friends to be the cliched, stereotypical bunch I see in other novels. I won't have 'the loud one', 'the stylish one', 'the loner', etc; I want to make my characters a little bit off the wall.

I'm happy I've begun thinking of Nanowrimo already, and I'm happy that I've decided to once again try my hand at writing a novel in a month.

Fun with sewing

Scott and I spent the weekend at his parents' house; I brought my sewing machine over per his mother's request and learned how to sew a few things.

I've needed a new purse for a long time; I wanted to craft my own instead of buying one to add my own personal touches to it. Scott's mother's always making herself a new bag and I liked the look of them, so I asked if she'd teach me how to make my own. A few hours and scraps of fabric later, I completed my new purse.

It holds much more than my old one but is not bulky or too big, and I can use it either as an everyday bag or as one to bring out for a night on the town. I'm very pleased.

My newly sewn purse!
Who doesn't love black glitteriness?
Trim close-up
A closeup of the fancy trim.
Purse interior
I love the pink interior fabric we picked.

I'm loving this thing so far, and I love knowing that I'll be able to fully make my own the next time I need a new purse!

Yahoo 360

Being the nerd that I am, I signed up for a Yahoo 360 account back in March, but never got around to playing with it until tonight. It looks pretty nifty so far; you can write your own reviews, post lists, link to RSS feeds, show latest photos from your Flickr account, and many other things I'm leaving out because, well, I hate listing stuff that's already discussed on the main website. If you're bored and feel like poking around a new site, go sign up. Here's my Yahoo 360 page. Enjoy!

Ribbon Xback

Ribbon X-back tank top.
I look good enough to wear - oh wait, that's the point.

I've begun work on the Ribbon Xback tank. I bought a few skeins of Lion Brand Incredible in 'Blue Shades' and so far, knitting with a ribbon yarn has been an experience. I love the color of the yarn; the graduated blue and purple colors will go great with my hair color when I complete it. The top's done completely in seed stitch; I thought alternating my knitting and purling would be a chore but so far it's been moving along pretty quickly. I'm hoping to get this done sometime soon, but I don't allocate enough time to knit.

Either way, I'm pleased with this. I need to watch more TV so I can knit more often!

Fun in #wordpress

Part of a conversation in #wordpress today:

her_Aubreyness: there's not many things dorkier than meeting in a linear algebra class, that's for sure!
DrBacchus: Calculus, perhaps?
Pplproof: I can think of one thing.
indranil: Our eyes met in straight lines, with the center of gravity smack on the middle! :p
Pplproof: Non-Euclidian Geometry. DrBacchus: Yeah, I guess linear algebra is more dorky.
DrBacchus: Or perhaps differential equations.
Pplproof: Friends don't let friends drink and derive. indranil: We differentiated our eyes to constant!!
indranil: You look like dx/dt tonite. Let me integrate you darling!

Where else would you find people making math jokes?

New Knitty

The new Knitty has arrived, and at a first glance, the patterns seem to be mostly attractive.

Note the 'mostly', then take a look at the very first pattern featured in the new issue. You'll know what I'm talking about.

I really want to knit something quickly and easily, so I think I'm going to buy ribbon yarn for the Ribbon Xback after I get off work today. (This is exactly why I love working at Michaels! I love the employee discount!) We're heading over to St Louis to visit Scott's parents this weekend; I'll be meeting their new puppy and going to a baseball game! I'm very excited.

Nerdy work humor

We have an internal chat program at work where all the consultants can chat; it’s mainly used for if a consultant is having an issue in a lab and wants help from the others, but sometimes it can also be pretty entertaining. Case in point, a conversation from sometime last fall:

Coworker #1 - This new style has got to be a result of Entourage, right?
Coworker #1 - Sorry, the hit new HBO show, Entourage.
Me - ahh, I thought you were talking about the Mac email client
Coworker #2 - haha me too
Coworker #3 - same here
Coworker #3 - when computer software starts affecting fashion, those of us in computer consulting will be the envy of everybody
Coworker #3 - you just wait man, soon walkarounds will be like strutting on a catwalk

I love nerdy work humor.

No more Nano

As you can see, I’ve taken down the Nanowrimo counter on my site, because I’ve thrown in the towel this year.

Yes, that’s right, I’ve given up after writing 37,000 words.

I’ve been struggling with this the entire time I’ve been writing it; I just couldn’t make myself do it anymore. I had a mini breakdown about it on Saturday, writing and babbling to Microsoft Word about stuff that had nothing to do with my novel, and I did not feel right about it. I wrote last year’s novel with no problem, but this year, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I also don’t know if I’ll do it next year. If I can think of a good idea for a novel, I will, but if not, then it won’t be a big deal. I really didn’t want to give up on it, but I just couldn’t go on. I tired myself out too quickly, not leaving myself enough pace or storyline to get me to 50k. And I’m okay with this; I did finish last year so I still can say I’ve written a novel, which is all that matters to me.

I hope I can think of a stellar idea for next year, because I will miss it if I don’t.