About Me

Hi and welcome to Star Shaped! My name is Aubrey and I love to make things. I spend most of my time knitting, but I also love to spin fiber on my spinning wheels, cross-stitch, code (both for fun and for work), and write in paper journals. I'm always doing something with my hands! I mostly write about my knitting and spinning adventures, with a little bit of awesomeness added for extra measure. I've been writing in this blog on and off since 2000 and my archives contain most of these posts.

Random things about me

  • I've taken the train across the country three times. It was an interesting experience and I'd totally do it again in a heartbeat.
  • I'm left handed and knit from right to left.
  • Cape Cod is my most favorite place in the world.
  • My all time favorite bands are Blur and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. This domain name actually comes from a Blur song title!
  • I'm a proud Masshole by birth. But no, I don't have a Boston accent.
  • I didn't travel outside of New England until I was 18, and now I've lived in 4 different states - Massachusetts, Indiana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. I like that I've lived in very different parts of the country!
  • As an adult, I've never lived in an apartment or house for longer than two years. I keep on wondering if I'll ever settle into a place.

I love CHRISTMAS, sushi, the ocean, glitter, Harry Potter, the Mistborn series, bright colors, chocolate, sour beers and gruits, tea, and fun colored pens. I’m not a huge fan of cheese, pasta, and balloons.

About this site

I registered this domain name in August 2000 when I finally received my driver's license. Initially I used it to post updates about my now defunct online journal (who remembers those days?), but in December 2000, I started this blog. As blogging became more popular, I started writing in this blog more than the online journal, and now I've been writing on here for over 15 years. This blog has been powered by Blogger, Greymatter, b2, Moveable Type, Drupal, Jekyll, and Wordpress. Wordpress will always be my favorite blogging platform and I've been using it on and off for over 10 years. I create my own themes and bust out my madd CSS skillz to make the site display (fairly) well on all devices. I'm always tweaking and learning as I go!