Adventures in knitting

So, I've returned from my adventures at Sit & Knit, arriving home with a book signed by the Yarn Harlot herself, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I ran into a few people I recognized from the knitting guild I belong to, and I sat with them after I paid for my book. Stephanie graced us with a reading from her new book, and we all laughed and nodded in agreement with the things she said. Of course, I didn't bring any knitting with me, so I felt weird sitting there, leafing through knitting magazines while everyone else worked on their latest project. Either way, I still had a good time, and I'm looking forward to visiting the shop again in the near future. They give out free lattes and I burned my tongue on their excellent white chocolate drink sprinkled with cinnamon. It's really a great place and I'm glad to have a place like it in town.

As soon as I arrived home, I decided to clean out my yarn stash. I donated maybe 2/3 of my yarn to the Salvation Army; I knew I'd never use half the stuff I had and most of it was really cheap and old. I kept all my sock yarn and a few skeins of cotton yarn in case I feel like making some dishcloths, so now I'll be able to fill up my crate with excellent yarn that I'll actually use for things. I feel so much better.

Yeah, I don't want it to be Monday tomorrow.