Great Island 5k race recap

Great Island 5k
I love running in the fall.

First 5k since July? Check. First 5k since my injury? Double check. First time I've run more than 2 miles since September 17th? Yes. Triple check.

Today I ran the Great Island 5k in New Castle, NH. Some of my training runs take place on the road from Portsmouth to New Castle, so I'm familiar with some of the roads through this tiny town.

Great Island 5k - Portsmouth
Portsmouth scenery.

I stressed out about this race today, because I only started running again last Sunday. I ran only twice this past week - Sunday and Tuesday, and I only ran about 20 minutes each day to ease back into running. So, yeah. Wasn't sure how today would go.

Of course, I was fine. I got to the race 10 minutes before start time, lined up, ran, finished. Enjoyed the beautiful ocean views and inhaled sweet salt air. I ran a very slow 34:22, my slowest 5k time this year, but my ankle didn't bother me. That's what counts, and that's what rocked.

What wasn't so great? The walk to and from the race itself! I walked from my apartment to the start, and, well, it's a 3 mile walk. So, yeah. 3 mile walk to the race, the 3.1 mile race, then another 3 mile walk back home. 9 miles may not be much for some people, but I, not having trained to travel 9 miles by foot, am feeling it now. Beer and knitting? To the rescue!

Great Island 5k - fall colors
Bright fall leaves!

Though I wasn't exactly a speed demon today, I enjoyed this race so much. This is my first time running a race in the fall, before the leaves fall off the trees, so I appreciated the beauty as I ran. Plus, I always love seeing families running together! This race didn't feel super competitive, and I enjoyed taking it easy.

I'm happy about today.