I bought an Ipod!

…or, how Aubrey spent more money today than she’s spent in years…

I’ve been checking out mp3 players for the past week or two, looking to get one so I can listen to music while walking or working out (which I will be starting to do soon). At first, the Ipod Mini caught my eye; they came in many colors and seemed to be a good deal. However, when I compared prices of them to the prices and specs of a regular Ipod, I realized that buying a 4GB model for $250 wasn’t better than buying a 20GB model for $300. I also didn’t want to pay for the 20GB Ipod anyway, so I gave up the notion of buying an Ipod and started looking at 128MB mp3 players. I specifically looked at the Rio Fuse, which was on sale at Circuit City for only 80 bucks. Today happened to be the last day of the sale, so we drove to the store in town to look for the specific model.

While looking at the mp3 player section of the store, we came across a few Ipods. We saw the 20GB and 40GB models, and were surprised to see a sign for a used 10GB model! It happened to be much cheaper than I thought it would be, and we asked an employee of the store about the 10GB Ipod. We weren’t sure if they’d have it as it wasn’t displayed there at the front, but the worker came back a few minutes later, Ipod in hand. 10 minutes later, I left the store happy, excited that I did end up getting what I really wanted.

The little player is now being charged, and when it is finished I will be playing around with it more. I’m pretty excited about this, and I can’t wait to try it out!