Linux frustrations

So, a few days ago Scott decided to try out Ubuntu linux on his laptop; he downloaded the files, burned it to a CD, installed, and voila. Works great.

I decide to make my machine a dual boot. I stick in the CD, install, and...

Of course, my wireless card isn't detected. *Insert Aubrey banging her head on her computer desk repeatedly.*

Every single time I try out Linux, I'm stuck because I can't get my computer on the internet. I've tried everything under the sun; I'm using something called NDisWrapper to install the Windows XP drivers of my wireless card onto the Linux side of things; Linux actually says that the card is installed and active, but no lights are on on the wireless card.

We're about ready to make our apartment very ugly and string a long ethernet cable from downstairs to upstairs so we can be wired again. The only reason why we aren't wired now is the simple fact that we don't have any coax cable jacks up here in the loft. If we had, we wouldn't have gone the wireless route at all and I'd probably be happily surfing the net from the Linux side.

Then again, with my Linux luck, I'll probably never get online. Sigh...