Nanowrimo 2005, coming soon!

I've spent the past few days thinking way, way too much about Nanowrimo this year; I'm still mad that I didn't end up finishing last year after successfully writing a 50,000 word novel in November of 2003. This year, I plan on using something called 'imagination'; with this tool, I should be able to at least cross the finish line with something interesting. I'm beginning to really think about characterization; I do not want to have my main character's group of friends to be the cliched, stereotypical bunch I see in other novels. I won't have 'the loud one', 'the stylish one', 'the loner', etc; I want to make my characters a little bit off the wall.

I'm happy I've begun thinking of Nanowrimo already, and I'm happy that I've decided to once again try my hand at writing a novel in a month.