Nerdy work humor

We have an internal chat program at work where all the consultants can chat; it’s mainly used for if a consultant is having an issue in a lab and wants help from the others, but sometimes it can also be pretty entertaining. Case in point, a conversation from sometime last fall:

Coworker #1 - This new style has got to be a result of Entourage, right?
Coworker #1 - Sorry, the hit new HBO show, Entourage.
Me - ahh, I thought you were talking about the Mac email client
Coworker #2 - haha me too
Coworker #3 - same here
Coworker #3 - when computer software starts affecting fashion, those of us in computer consulting will be the envy of everybody
Coworker #3 - you just wait man, soon walkarounds will be like strutting on a catwalk

I love nerdy work humor.