Our Big Move - Days 1 and 2

Yes, we've made it across the country, to our new home in Oregon! In the process of our move, we chose to drive across the country. I'm happy we made the decision to drive, though at times, we just wanted to be there!

Day 1 - New England to Indiana

I didn't take many pictures this day, mainly because I can drive from New England to Indiana in my sleep! I drove this way so many times when I lived in Indiana. I took some pictures in New York, but that's about it.

Upstate New York.
Upstate New York.
NY storm.
A storm in upstate New York. Driving through this sucked.

We drove through New York state in the morning. We had an uneventful first part of the drive, but as we neared the PA border, storms blew in and we had to drive though some pretty severe weather! We were glad to be done!

Indian food
Delicious and CHEAP.

We stopped at Banana Leaf, an AWESOME vegetarian/vegan Indian place in Columbus, Ohio. We got the above food, a little dosa, unlimited mango juice, AND unlimited food from a buffet, for only $13.99. I couldn't even finish it all!

Because of our late stop for dinner, we arrived in Indianapolis incredibly late. We checked into our hotel, exhausted, and crashed. We definitely slept in late the next morning.

Day 2 - Indiana

In hindsight, we should have stayed in Bloomington, as we spent most of our time in Indiana there! We spent the day in my old college town, walking up and down the streets and around my old college campus. I loved showing Ted one of my two alma maters!

Kirkwood Avenue in Bloomington, Indiana.
Kirkwood Avenue in Bloomington, Indiana.
A little chipmunk on the Indiana University campus.
A little chipmunk on the Indiana University campus.

Next up, our drive and stay in Colorado. I started taking tons of pictures from Kansas onward!