Our Big Move - Days 3, 4, and 5

Our drive to Colorado was the longest drive of the whole trip - 16 hours! We didn't look forward to driving for so long, but we knew we'd be crossing two time zones, so we told ourselves it was like driving for 14 hours. I'm not sure that worked.

I also didn't take many pictures of our time in Colorado. I felt woozy from the high altitudes, and we spent most of our time laying low and relaxing, gearing up for our next long drive. We were happy we spent two whole days in Colorado before driving again!

Day 3 - Indiana to Colorado

We left Indiana bright and early and zipped through Illinois and Missouri. I've driven through Illinois and St. Louis many times, but after we drove through the city, we hit uncharted territory. We couldn't find a place to stop for lunch in Missouri, so we pulled into a rest area and made sandwiches. Worked for us!

Kansas wind
Lots of wind in Kansas!

Then, we hit Kansas. We thought it'd be flat the entire time, but we drove through parts with rolling green hills. We also didn't realize the altitude started changing in western Kansas, and as we crossed into Colorado, we were already a few thousand feet above sea level!

By the time we reached Colorado, we were tired. We just wanted to sleep, but we still had a few more hours to go. Ted and I switched off driving as the sun set, and once we reached Colorado Springs, I let him take the wheel to navigate the pass though the Rocky Mountains where his dad lives.

Colorado views
This is the view from Ted's dad's house. Pretty awesome.

We slept well that night.

Days 4 and 5 - Colorado

We spent two full days in Colorado, to rest from our long drive and to see friends who live in the area. We spent the first day in Denver, and the second day in Colorado Springs closer to his dad's place. The drive to and from Denver tired us after the first day, so we laid really low on the second. We did get to walk around Manitou Springs, drink some Colorado beers in Denver, and eat at a decent tapas place in Colorado Springs!

Driving down to Manitou Springs.
Driving down to Manitou Springs.

We made sure to go to bed early our last night in Colorado. We were still so tired from the 16 hour drive, and exhausted from the altitude! I didn't realize being 7000 feet above sea level would affect me that much. We did get used to it after the last day, which helped the next day when we had to drive through even higher altitudes...