The Strokes concert!

First of all, I’m back in Indiana after a pretty long and almost painful 16 hour drive home yesterday. But, that’s another story.

I had a GREAT time at the Strokes/Kings of Leon show this past Friday night. I’m still amazed that I liked the show so much, after hearing from a few people that the Strokes weren’t great in concert.

I picked up Scott at Logan Airport in Boston on Friday afternoon, and surprisingly I wasn’t bombarded with traffic on the way. Scott’s flight came in early and we left earlier than planned, which was more than likely a good thing because of all the traffic we hit driving to the show!

I hadn’t ever been to the venue before - the Tsongas Arena. We ended up parking at a parking garage a little ways away from the venue, getting a better deal than the majority of the people who parked at the arena parking. And our place wasn’t crowded at all, which made me very happy! Because the arena also houses hockey games, the floor of the place was covered with this odd crumbly grey matter that flaked off on our clothes when we sat on the floor before the concert, which was sort of odd. Poor Scott’s legs fell asleep as we sat waiting for the show to begin, and when he tried standing up he almost fell right over!

Finally, the show started at close to 8 with Kings of Leon going on first. They sang most of the songs off of their first album, which Scott owns. I had heard most of the songs before, thanks to Scott playing the album all the time, and I would love to see them again in concert as the headline. They played for about a half hour before the lights came on again.

We had to wait nearly an HOUR for the Strokes to come on, but the entire place screamed when they came on stage. They opened the set with ‘Whatever Happened?’ the first song on their new album, and I had fun jumping around with the crowd and singing all the words to their songs. They played a bunch of songs from their new album, including ‘12:51′, ‘Under Control’, and, my favorite one, ‘Reptilia’, and they all rocked so much harder than they did on the new album. Of course, they played some songs from Is This It, such as ‘Someday’, ‘Hard To Explain’, and ‘Soma’, and they closed with ‘Take it or Leave It’. I spent most of the show near the front, being pushed around with the people around me, and then I moved toward the back to cool off a bit.

It was great. It was a lot better than I thought it was going to be, and that made me happy. The set was pretty short (only an hour), but it was an hour well spent. I liked how they didn’t do encores, because I never saw the purpose in leaving and then coming back onstage like that. Encores have become so commonplace that it was refreshing to see a group that didn’t do them.

Ah. I’d love to see them again sometime, this time with a different crowd. The one at the show we saw consisted mainly of 15 year olds, and Scott and I felt like the oldest ones there! But still.

Yeah. It rocked.