Yarn Harlot in South Bend!

Ok, I admit, I've only read Yarn Harlot once or twice; I've always been entertained by her weblog, but I just haven't had the time to add another site to the many, many sites I already read. Plus, I don't really read any knitting weblogs, only because I know I'll be sucked in and tempted to buy lots and lots of yarn that my bank account cannot afford just yet. Wait, who am I kidding, I already lust over pretty yarn!

Anyway, through the knitting guild I belong to here in South Bend, I found she's coming to the new yarn shop in South Bend for a book signing! I didn't even know she had a book out (err, bookS, after perusing amazon.com), and since I really don't do much of anything on Sundays, I may journey to the center of town to join in on the fun. I liked the yarn shop the one time I've been to it; the chairs were comfy, the owners nice, atmosphere cozy and intimate. I just hate parking in downtown South Bend. Still, this event should be fun; it gets me out for a few hours and I'll get to spend time with other knitters. Plus, I may pick up one of her books and get it signed, as the subject matter seems to be pretty interesting. I wonder why I hadn't really read her site before today.