ZWAN. Need I say more?

I saw Zwan tonight.

We left Bloomington at around 1, and arrived in Columbus, Ohio at around 5. After driving around Columbus for a little bit, we found a parking spot at the side of the road, and walked to the venue to stand in line for two hours. We talked to a few people in line next to us, and we enjoyed a little ‘The Royal Philharmonic plays the Music of Radiohead’ from a nearby car. When the sun set, we became really cold, and I was happy when they finally let us in the club.

The opening act, Blue Karma, kicked a fair amount of ass, but I really couldn’t wait to see Zwan. I couldn’t wait to see Billy right in front of me, and when they came on stage, I just stared. I absorbed every song, watched Billy, Jimmy, and the other members’ faces and expressions throughout the show. I don’t know many of their songs yet, but I just stood in awe as they played them. I pushed myself up to the third row, covered in sweat and pushed up against the people around me who loved Zwan as much as I did. I love shows, and I love the mixture of sweat, beer, and cigarette smoke that comes with a general admission ticket. After two encores, nearly two hours after their set started, Zwan stepped off the stage, and Scott and I set off to find the car.

We found our way out of Columbus eventually, and we stopped at a Steak and Shake at the Indiana border at 2am. To stay awake, we stopped at a gas station and I bought Chewy Sprees. Yeah, I became tired. I finally arrived back in my dorm at a little after 4, and here I am now, shocked and amazed that I saw Zwan tonight.

I’m psyched about the album. January 28 is marked on my calendar.